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APEX KINGWIN International 產品-精準程式交易

Algorithmic Trading

Algorithm applied :
  • 01.
    The efficiency frontier model constructed by Nobel economist Markowitz is used as a standard to adjust the capital ratio between multiple commodities.
  • 02.
    Controls commodity strategy groups through algorithms such as bull-bear ratio, SQN, regression evaluation, etc.
  • 03.
    Choose a strategy that meets the standard, and replace those that does not meet the requirements. The algorithm of trading future is stopping trading after breaking the MDD, and suspending entry after winning N consecutive times.
APEX KINGWIN International 產品-社群投資

Social Investment

Integrating the community's mechanism into financial investment. In the past, we only trusted the information and services provided by large institutions. Now we are expanding to ordinary people in the internet community. The foundation of mutual trust is built by the openness and transparency of information.

Transparent trading record can help users focus on the traders in the community, gather the strength and wisdom of the crowd, and may obtain better investment performance than Wall Street experts.

APEX KINGWIN International 產品-區塊鏈人才履歷

Blockchain Verified CV

APEX Kingwin blockchain personnel resume services will disrupt the current human recruitment ecology. The immutability of the blockchain can effectively solve the problem of candidate data distortion for recruiters. Our unique technology bring two additional benefits to users:

  • 01.
    Resume is encrypted by blockchain. If any HR unit needs to view the applicant's resume information, it can only be viewed after user consent.
  • 02.
    Trading trajectories from investment competition or real trading account, can be converted into a comprehensive resume that reflects the applicant's investment ability through our blockchain verified CV system.
APEX KINGWIN International 產品-數位金融教育

Fintech Education

In response to advancement of technologies such as mobile application, social media, big data and the cloud. How to grasp the financial technology opportunities is an important topic for current talents in the banking and IT industries.

We provide various fintech courses and invite experts to share industry trends and practices. The courses cover big data innovation services, algorithmic trading strategies and operations, financial KOL cultivation, etc.


APEX KINGWIN International Solution-Blockchain Verified CV

Blockchain Verified CV IntegrationAcademic Institution

To eliminate counterfeit certificates and accelerate certification efficiency, so as to ensure that the issuer can maintain a good reputation. Because of the immutability of blockchain, data cannot be tampered. It solve the current pain points of the issuer. We can help customers convert from paper / PDF file certificate to a blockchain certificate system that can be efficiently verified.

University / School / HR Unit / Competition Organizer
APEX KINGWIN International Solution-Social Investment & Competition

Social Investment & CompetitionGeneral Consumer

No matter you are a beginner of financial investment or you want to improve your trading skill , our expert advice subscription service and Algo trading follower program provide you with a lot of reliable reference in a community environment.

people who are interested in finance
APEX KINGWIN International Solution-Health care system & mobile app

Health care system & mobile appHealth care organization

The digitization and transformation of the medical industry has become a global trend. Our technology is based on precision medicine. Through health check big data, expert library, artificial intelligence (AI) and nutritional genomics , it is dedicated to customer health management, tracking and feedback. Customized mobile applications and backend control panel will be designed case by case.

Clinic / Insurance Company / Nutritionist
APEX KINGWIN International Solution-Passive income channel

Passive income channelExperienced Investor

Our cloud platform provides an open community for experts to share their investment trading strategies to general platform users. Experts share the platform's revenue as they keep creating quality content. Our professional team also provide comprehensive online marketing assistance for experts who want to be a key opinion leader (KOL). Ultimately, both experts and platform can get more sponsorship opportunities.

Experienced Investor (not limited to banking industry)
APEX KINGWIN International Solution-Blockchain Verified CV Integration

Blockchain Verified CV IntegrationHuman Resources Unit

Our fintech talent database can provide a large number of verified real professionals, and employers can select suitable candidates to issue invitations for interview. On the other hand, employers can also supplement relevant talent information and provide blacklists on the blockchain, so that the industry's HR information can develop in a reliable way.

HR units / Headhunter
APEX KINGWIN International Solution-Blockchain Resume

Blockchain ResumeGeneral Consumer

During the job seeking process, people always be required to show various certification documents. Our blockchain resume can precisely record your education background, professional experience and investment trading trajectory. Users only need a QR code to allow your prospective employer to view your complete information, making it easier for both parties.

All job seekers
APEX KINGWIN International Solution-Big Data Innovation

Big Data InnovationAcademic Institution

We make entrepreneurship easier and increase your chances of success. This solution provides various types of big data mining services. We process hundreds of millions of seemingly meaningless data by cleansing and analysis, it produces business-valued information and hidden needs of potential customers. In addition, through the establishment of predictive models, the decision-making in the entrepreneurial process is more effective and accurate.

University / Research Unit / Business Accelerator
APEX KINGWIN International Solution-Angel investment program

Angel investment programInvestor

Our fintech talent database, incubation center related projects and data innovation projects provide a large number of new opportunities to angel investors. We will seed fund matching services, and ensure that the start-up team can effectively use fund to create a sustainable business.

Experienced investor, Risk taker
APEX KINGWIN International Customer Stories

Customer Stories

APEX KINGWIN Internationalx富邦期貨x康和綜合證券x萬寶證券投資顧問

『APEX KINGWIN』have gethered with a number of partners, held several simulated investment competitions to jointly promote new social investment model. Through the "copy-trading" service by APEX KINGWIN International , investors could interact with each others, even discover and cultivate those talented KOL of digital finance. Not only helped our partners to build a new generation of customer base, but also promoted service transformation.

  • #康和綜合證券
  • #萬寶證券投資顧問

Professional Team